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Afin de protéger les animaux et ce faisant de préserver notre avenir, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé animale (OIE) a œuvré en 2017 au côté de ses 181 Pays membres pour contrôler les risques de santé animale, communiquer en toute transparence et renforcer la résilience des systèmes de santé animale, trois axes qui sont les 3 objectifs principaux de son 6e Plan stratégique. Ce rapport annuel passe en revue les progrès réalisés l'année passée.

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Five Ways the Animal Health Industry is Tackling AMR

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies antibiotic resistance (AMR) as one of the biggest dangers to global health. It threatens our ability to treat even common infectious diseases and puts millions at risk.

As Carel du Marhcie Sarvaas, HealthforAnimals Executive Director, stressed in a recent article in The Independent “The health of humans and animals remains intrinsically linked. It is in the interests of both humans and animals that together we tackle antibiotic resistance.”


Stopping avian influenza at source in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza were confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in June 2017. Rapid deployment of specialist equipment and resources from FAO’s emergency equipment stockpile was instrumental in bringing the outbreak under control and reducing its impact.


FAO boosts Kenya’s Animal Disease Surveillance Capacity and Performance Evaluation

medium Photo 1 nanyuki slaughter house07/12/2017.Nairobi - The animal disease surveillance capacity evaluation in Kenya has been concluded after an eleven day process aimed at improving local capacities in detection, prevention and response of animal diseases or threats, including zoonoses (diseases which can be transmitted between animals and humans).


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