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Animal diseases can have a major impact on trade and food security. The Republic of Cameroon set its objective to be a major exporter of livestock products in its Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (2010-2020). This required improving the quality of meat products placed on the market and reducing the risk of transboundary animal diseases. Against that background, the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries of Cameroon requested STDF support.

From 2012 to 2015, an STDF project, implemented by FAO, supported the Government of Cameroon in the development of strategies to combat and control four animal diseases which affect livestock production in the country. Four strategic plans were developed to control four major and endemic animal diseases:

  1. Foot and mouth disease,
  2. Peste des petits ruminants,
  3. African swine fever,
  4. Newcastle disease.

The operationalization of these plans required resources and investments, local coordination and engagement of all stakeholders in the country.

More than 80 WTO/SPS Delegates participated in the STDF information event held in WTO on 20 March 2019. Presentations were provided by Mr. Juteau D. Tousse, from the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cameroon in Geneva. Mrs. Silvie Couloun, External Evaluator and Dr. Julio Pinto, Animal Health Officer, FAO Liaison Office in Geneva.

The session covered the results, impact and recommendations of the STDF project on animal health, production and compliance with standards to facilitate market access and trade in Cameroon. Strategic Plans for FMD and PPR developed under this project now have been translated in National Operational Plans for Eradication of PPR and Control of FMD. With the technical support from FAO and OIE Cameroon is implementing control programs for PPR and FMD to progress through PPR and FMD elimination and control pathways respectively.  One example of current support to animal health activities in Cameroon is the World Bank project PROLEN to support a three years program for PPR vaccination.

FAO continue to support Veterinary Services in Cameroon and other Member states in Africa to their efforts of controlling and eradicating priority animal diseases. The STDF project in Cameroon was a starting point and a sed project to define disease control strategies and priorities and identify initial investments through national, other regional and international partners. However, still there are many challenges to control and eliminate TADs in Cameroon include strengthening capacities of veterinary services, increase investments in capacity development, improve livestock production, value chains and sustainability with access to regional and international markets for products of animal origin.

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